Doing Good Well

Eco Tree

We want companies to do well in their businesses.

There’s no magic about how to run a successful business. As is often quoted from Thomas A. Edison:

                      “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration“.

Coming up with the idea and setting up the company is probably the easiest part. Now comes the perspiration.

We will categorise our discussions into three broad areas:

Developing your Product
For most businesses, this is obvious. You must have something to sell, even if it is as non-tangible as a service. This is the reason people give you their money – in return for what you provide.

Managing your Business
Most business owners do not do enough of this: finding the right staff and partners, pricing the product or service, ensuring a steady cashflow early, identifying alternatives and who the competitors are, and so on.

Marketing your Idea
Initially you have to market your idea to raise funds – unless you are using your own money. Then, when the product is developed, you will need to market and sell (which is different) your product/service.

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